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The Queen of Crossover Fiction...

Belladonna's blurb




May 29th, 2010

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I'm going to try a cut but haven't been able to for some reason

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A very long time ago ....

I wrote a crossover with the latest incarnation of Superman, and the Teen Titans, starring Robin and Kon. I know i posted ithereCollapse ) somewhere, but I'd written a second part and don't remember if I posted it, so I did a quick check of them both and am posting them here.

Title: Jason and Conner
Author: Belladonna
Author's Website: you are here
Category:  Crossover, H/C, Drama, Angst, Humor
Warnings: graphic description of a crime, mild mention of slash (dur)
Summary: Kon and Jason (from the Superman movie)  run into each other and discover that they are related.
Disclaimer: Not mine at all


This is a new universe/crossover. I’ve taken pieces of Superman Returns, Smallville, DC and the TitansTower ‘verses and molded them into my own little kingdom. I’ve tweaked the ages of the teens slightly and used the Lex Luthor from Smallville because I think he’s hotter. You’re free to imagine whatever Clark you’d like, I think both Brandon Routh and Tom Welling are both gorgeous.


I do not own anything from the above. If I did do you think I’d be sitting in my living room? Hell no, I’d be touring Europe. Thank you kindly.


Oh, and ask me before you play in this ‘verse. I am a jealous goddess…*snerk*






Jason waited until he was sure his parents were asleep before heading out to the dock.  As he walked out his mind was a swirl of conflicting emotions. He knew he should talk to them about this, but they’d lied to him first. “Fuck it,” he muttered and as he reached the end of the pier he shot into the sky. 


Kon was flying as fast as he could to escape his personal demons. It didn’t matter which one, his unhealthy crush on Robin, his desire to break it off with Cassie because of his crush on Robin, his heritage, the fact that the older superheroes didn’t trust him, still…hell, he had a whole basket of…and he hit something solid, making him roll ass over teakettle.


“Ooof! Son of a bitch!”


“Hey, watch where you’re flying!” the other boy snapped, rubbing his stomach once he’d recovered from his own tumble through the sky.


The two boys stared at each other in shock.  One had short hair and the other long enough to flop into his eyes, one had grey blue eyes, the other hazel, but both boys had the dark hair, familiar jaw line and broad shoulders of a certain superhero that everyone knew.


“Who are ~you~?” Kon asked, because, duh, everyone knew ~he~ was Superboy.  It was just no one knew that there was another flying superhero that was his own age. Well, except Cassie but she was a girl.


Hazel eyes blinked. “Jason. Jason White. Um, my mom is Lois Lane?”


And it all suddenly made a completely hysterically freaky kind of sense. “You’re Lois Lane’s son? Ohmigod, he slept with LOIS?” Kon tried not to flip out but it was kind of hard.


“If you mean Superman, then yeah,” Jason said bitterly.


“You didn’t know?” Kon asked in amazement.


“Gee ~Superboy~, not until I realized that I could move things with my mind and ~fly~,” Jason snapped.  He sighed and brushed his hair out of his eyes. “Sorry, they still don’t know that I know.”


Kon laughed. “Well, you’re the lucky one,” he said.


“Lucky? How is the fact that my parents have been lying to me my entire life, lucky?”


“Lucky,” Kon said emphatically. “Because everyone thinks I’m Superman’s clone but I was actually made from his and Lex Luthor’s DNA to be used as a weapon.”


This made Jason stare. “~Luthor~ and Superman are your parents?” He remembered Lex Luthor vividly from his childhood, when his mom had dragged him onboard the master villain’s yacht.


“Yeah,” Kon snickered. “I don’t know who to call Mom.”


“Wow, and I thought my life was fucked up,” Jason offered with a grin. They’d floated down during their conversation to rest on top of one of the mountains that were on the edge of the bay.


“Nah, I think we all have problems,” Superboy said philosophically. “So, I guess it means that we’re brothers, huh?”


Jason blinked. “I guess we are.”


“Then you’d better call me Kon,” he said, then cocked his head. “Listen I’ve got to go,” he said apologetically.


“It’s okay,” Jason said, “I’ve got to go home too.”


Kon grinned and saluted cockily. “See ya around.” And he was off like a shot.




The boys continued to see each other as often as possible, but keeping it under the radar of the Justice League, the Teen Titans and Jason’s parents by keeping to the local mountains. They’d talk about their powers, which to their surprise were very similar, talk about their parents and wondered when they grew up would they fuck up as much as the adults in their lives.



“Hey, did you know Superman is gay?” Kon said abruptly one night and laughed like a loon when Jason fell off of the limestone ledge he’d been perched on and into a stand of Eastern white pine and spruce.


“What?” Jason squeaked.


Kon snorted. “Why do you think Lex was so hot for Superman? Why do you think they’ve never killed each other? It’s because of all that UST.” At Jason’s puzzled and slightly green look he explained, “You know, ‘unresolved sexual tension’? They want to get into each others pants but are too spazzed to say anything.”


“Okay, just for the record,” Jason began after he’d brushed off the pine needles he’d fallen in. “Ew, I’m damaged for life.  I don’t need to know ~anything~ about Superman’s sex life. And hey, what about my mom?”


“Okay, he’s bi,” Kon agreed amiably. “And you’ll notice that your mom and our dad didn’t last very long. And I’ll bet she doesn’t even know Superman’s secret identity.”


Jason had to give Kon that one. How anyone couldn’t figure out that Clark was Superman, well they just weren’t trying. “Say you’re right,” he began a little unsteadily.


Luthor had changed after he’d tried to make his own continent with Superman’s crystals and Superman had almost died. The billionaire had ditched his ditzy girlfriend and decided to concentrate on rebuilding his company. Oh, he still gave his anti-Superman interviews and perfunctorily lobbed kryptonite missiles at Superman once in awhile but everyone, (including his dad and mom in one overheard conversation) had noticed that the feud had pretty much dried up. They’d even been spotted speaking to each other civilly.  And putting Kon’s bombshell in context…


“Who cares if they’re gay or bi or whatever?” he continued curiously.


Kon sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess it’s genetic and I thought I should warn you.”


Jason blinked. “Huh, well, so far I’ve been too busy with school and shit. I mean, girls are okay…” he shrugged. “So who do you like?”




“Is he interested?” Jason asked curiously.


Kon rolled his eyes. “How should I know? I haven’t told him.”


Not knowing what to say to that, and feeling woefully inadequate to help, Jason said, “Huh.”


“Profound, bro,” Kon snorted.


 “Yeah well…crap, my dad is awake, I’ve got to go.”


“Me too, later.” And the boys went their separate ways.






School was the same, go to class, do your work, go home and do homework. Jason was a Junior and his mom was starting to nag him about what he wanted to do when he ‘grew up’. Hell, he didn’t even know what he wanted to do tomorrow. He didn’t know what kind of job he ~could~ do since he had weird powers. 


Kon listened sympathetically and voiced his own complaints, oblivious Robin, crazy people, scary Batman and the fact that Superman kept making ‘Let’s get together and talk’ noises, which made him want to bring up Jason if he was going to be tortured with ‘Daddy and me’ time.


They were crashed out on a mattress that Kon had ‘borrowed’ from somewhere and were watching the stars, when Kon rolled over to stare at Jason. “Why don’t you join the family business?”


“I do not want to be a reporter,” Jason said with a whine. His mother had brought the same subject up at least six bazillion times.


Kon thumped him on the head. “Not a reporter, dumbass. Be a superhero.”


“Oh sure,” Jason said with an eyeroll. “And all I’d hear from Grandpa Sam is ‘Being a Superhero is not a real job, young man!’”


Both boys snickered. Kon had heard a lot about the now retired (and desperately needing a hobby ~besides~ his grandchildren) General Sam Lane.


“I’ve got to get back,” Kon finally yawned. “We’ve got training tomorrow and Rob wants me to train without my TK.”


Rolling to his feet, Jason helped Kon to his. “Better you than me, little bro,” he teased and grunted when he was punched in the arm.


“I thought we talked about teasing me about being born in a jar,” the young superhero growled.


“Truth hurts,” Jason laughed as he flew out of Kon’s reach.



Minutes later Tim watched with a frown as Kon came flying back in from wherever he went to at night.  And he jealously wondered who it was that made his friend smile so freely.






Things became busy with the Teen Titans and Kon couldn’t get back to Metropolis for almost a week. It was almost four in the morning and he was in a hurry to meet Jason when he heard a scream. He sighed through his nose and the spilt second of debate was decided when he heard the sound of a knife puncturing flesh.


“Hey!” he yelled at the man who was simultaneously raping and stabbing a woman. The man turned a truly frightening smile towards him, the knife bloody in his hand but that was over in a second as Kon slammed the man away from the woman into a brick wall.


He never heard the crack of the man’s neck breaking, all of his attention was on using his TK to keep the victim from bleeding out, babbling promises to the semi-conscious woman as he flew her to Metropolis General. He stayed with her, using his TK to help the doctors until they made him go sit in the waiting room.


Kon never noticed that he was still covered in blood as he sat in the hallway of the hospital. He didn’t hear what the nurses were asking him, all of his attention on the woman’s heartbeat in the operating room. He finally was broken out of his daze when two pair of shiny black cop shoes entered his field of vision.


“Superboy, we have some questions to ask you,” the first cop, who Kon could see was anti-hero, barked.


“Go ahead,” he said hoarsely.


“We found the body of one Francis Michael Keyeworth in an alley over on the north side.  Do you know what happened?”


Puzzled, Kon shook his head. “I don’t recognize the name.”


“Maybe you’ll recognize this,” the cop snapped and shoved a picture of a man collapsed against the ground, his pants around his ankles and the front of him covered in blood.


“He was raping the woman,” he answered, looking away.


“And now he’s dead, can you explain that? Or are you judge, jury and executioner now?” the cop demanded sarcastically.


Kon blinked. “I’ve…I’ve got to go,” and he flew out of the hospital and straight to the one person he knew wouldn’t judge him.



Jason landed lightly on the dock, not worried that Kon hadn’t shown up. He had been checking the news on his computer in his bedroom and he’d seen that the Titans had been busy. He was about to head to the house when Kon dropped like a rock in front of him, bloody and crying.


“Kon, what’s happened? Ohmigod, are you okay?” he blurted as he dropped to his knees to check out his sobbing brother. When the crying didn’t let up, he grabbed Kon by his shoulders. “Kon, talk to me. Are*you*hurt?”


“No,” Kon shuddered. “I killed someone.”


“No,” Jason shook his head, ignoring the blood that was already sticking to his hands. “Tell me what happened, right now.”


Wiping his face, Kon shivered in the circle of Jason’s arms as he explained what had happened and where he’d been. How he’d accidentally killed the man who’d been raping the woman. How he didn’t even know if she’d lived but that he was probably going to be arrested for murder.


Feeling sick, Jason rocked Kon in his arms. “Hush, no one is going to jail. You just rest and I’ll figure it out. Shhh…” He could feel when Kon collapsed into unconsciousness and he cradled his brother in his arms, slowly rising into the air, only to stop when he saw his father staring at him in shock.


“How long?” Richard White asked almost numbly.


“Not now,” Jason said firmly. “I’ll be back when I can.” He rose into the humid early morning air with his precious burden in his arms, and flew towards the shining building where he knew he would find help.




Lex awoke when the proximity alarms began to blare. He grabbed his robe and slipped into it, quickly heading into his living room to stare out of the windows on the sight that was brightly illuminated.


“Sir?” Mercy asked, her weapon trained on the boy hovering outside, his arms filled with someone very near and dear to Lex’s heart.


“Open the window,” he ordered and walked over to watch the younger pajama clad boy fly in and rest the bloodied form of his son on his leather sofa.


“Is he all right?” Lex asked quietly.


The boy who’d knelt down beside his charge shook his head. “He’s not hurt physically,” he said, then explained what had happened.


As he spoke, Lex suddenly realized who the pale young man was, and wondered if Clark knew of this friendship. Hell, he doubted that Lois Lane and her milksop of a husband even knew. As he stared he realized that Jason White had stopped speaking. “Why did you bring him here?” he asked after gathering his wits.


Jason’s face flushed. “Because you’re the one with the power to make sure nothing happens to Kon. And you’ve known who I was and never did anything to me,” he said simply.


Lex nodded, a little humbled. “Of course. I’ll make some calls. Do you want me to call when I know something?”


Jason smiled wryly. “Not a good idea. I’ll fly here, if that’s okay?” he asked, his dark eyes staring back at Lex Luthor without being frightened.


“That’s fine. Let me have Mercy show you the bathroom and get you a change of clothing. You don’t want your parents to see you that way.”


Looking down at himself, and at the blood drying black on his pajamas, Jason nodded. “That would be great, thanks.”


Inside of the opulent marble bathroom Jason stared at himself. He’d done the right thing, bringing Kon to Luthor. Clark didn’t have the resources for something like this, and the powerful man in the other room certainly did.  He shook his head and began to wash up, knowing that his parents were going to be hysterical about this. And he wasn’t looking forward to explaining it.


While Jason was washing up Lex was making phone calls. He’d just finished the one to his lawyer when the teen came back out in a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt that Lex had worn from when he was younger. When he’d known Clark, but that was a memory he didn’t want dredged up. “I’ll take care of Kon,” he said quietly.


“Thanks,” Jason said with a smile as he ran a fond hand over Kon’s spiky hair.  He sighed and then went to the open window and launched himself out, flying away.


Lex shook his head and went to the couch and knelt down. “Conner, come on. Let’s get you cleaned up and to bed. It’s going to be a busy day.”


Kon blinked at Lex. “Dad?”


“Yes,” Lex said simply.






Lois was pacing back and forth on the dock as she smoked. “How could he not tell us? I am going to ground him until he’s thirty!”


Richard sighed as he kept his eyes on the sky. Without warning their son had grown up on them, and both he and Lois were having hard time dealing with it.


A bright flash of red and blue startled them both, and they caught themselves facing a concerned Superman. “Is everything all right?” he asked them.


“I don’t know, you tell me,” Lois spat.


“Mom, he doesn’t know,” Jason said as he floated to the dock.


Superman blinked in shock. “You can fly!”


Jason rolled his eyes at the man he knew was his father. “Yes, I can fly and I use telekinesis too.”


“Why didn’t you tell us?” Lois snapped.


“Oh, yeah, that’s rich, mom, coming from one of the people who’ve lied to me my whole life!” Jason snapped back. “By the way, Jason, I thought you might want to know that your father is Superman!” he mocked.


“Don’t speak to your mother that way,” Richard said quietly. Lois had paled at the jab and Superman just looked pained.


“Sorry, dad,” Jason replied. He sank to the dock and rested his forehead to his knees.


Richard pulled the blanket from his shoulders and draped around Jason, but his son shook his head, “I don’t get cold,” was murmured and he took it back.


“What happened earlier?” he asked his son, catching Lois’s eye.


Jason raised his head to look at Superman. “Kon is in trouble. There was a rape and the rapist was accidentally killed. I took him to Mr. Luthor’s home.”  Lois gasped and Richard winced but Superman nodded and rubbed his forehead.


“Okay. I’ll go check up on them. Thanks, Jason,” he said, face earnest. “If you ever need to talk…”


And Jason struggled to contain a hysterical laugh at the remembrance of Kon’s irreverent ‘Daddy and me time’. “I’ll call,” he said, voice strained.


Superman nodded and took off, veering away towards the rising sun and downtown Metropolis.



“C’mon,” Richard said bracingly. “Let’s go into the house. I’m sure the phone is already ringing off of the hook.”


It was but Jason opted not to say anything. His mom was already freaking out enough.





Kon could feel himself tremble as he checked his tie again. He stared, not recognizing himself standing in the expensive dark suit and the understated striped tie.


“You look fine,” Lex said from the doorway.


“I look like an alien,” Kon corrected with a grimace, making Lex snort.


“Technically half,” Lex said as he walked into Kon’s room. “You know why I can’t be there, right?”


“I know.” Kon did know. It wasn’t common knowledge that Lex Luthor was Superboy’s father. And the Justice League, the Teen Titan’s and Lex wanted to keep it that way so that he wasn’t at any more risk.


The trial was one of the first of its kind. The city of Metropolis bringing a murder case against one ‘Superboy’ for the murder of Francis Michael Keyeworth. It didn’t matter that for years things like this had gone under the Good Samaritan Laws. Someone was out to make life difficult for the Justice League and the Teen Titan’s, and they thought that Conner was the weakest link.  Lex was going to make sure that they were disabused of the notion.


“You’re smiling that way again,” Kon said.


“Sorry,” Lex chuckled. Kon called it his ‘I’m gonna bust your balls and make you eat them’ smile. “Clark is going to be there, and so are some of the others. It’ll be all right.”


Kon turned and sighed. “Thanks, dad.”


“There is ~nothing~ that I won’t do for you,” Lex promised.


“I don’t need any new continents,” the brat quipped, making him laugh again.


“Shut up. Mercy is waiting to drive you to the courthouse. Just remember what your lawyer said, and you’ll do fine.”


Kon shot him a bright smile and let Lex walk him to the elevator. It was the hardest thing that Lex had ever done.




Clark looked up but felt no surprise when Jason sat beside him on the hard wooden bench normally reserved for the Press.  “How are you doing?” he asked quietly.


Jason shrugged, tugging at his tie slightly. “I’ll live.”


By rights Lois should’ve been there, but Jason had told her no because of the disparaging articles she’d written about Superboy in the past. There’s been a nasty fight, but in the end Jason had been backed by Richard.  Clark sighed. How did everything get to be such a damned mess?


“Is that Robin?” Jason asked and Clark looked over to where the witnesses for the defense were taking their seats.


Robin, who’d asked and asked, then had called Superman and ~begged~ to see Kon, who’d refused because he hadn’t wanted his friend compromised.


“Yes, that’s Robin and beside him is Wonderwoman.” The lawyer had decided that since Metropolis was suing ‘Superboy’, then he could use other superheroes for the defense, which explained the costumes in the courtroom.


Jason stared at the masked teenager, wondering what he was thinking. Whether he condemned Kon’s actions, or stood by his friend. As he stared, Robin must have sensed it because his dark head very carefully turned until their eyes met.


“All rise…”


In the end Superboy had been found innocent of murder. There were a lot of factors, the Good Samaritan laws were one, the testimony of both Robin and Wonderwoman, and the pictures of the woman that some smart nurse had taken after the attack. But Jason knew that Lex Luthor had a lot to do with the outcome and was just grateful as he pulled his brother in for a hug in an out of the way corridor, both boys ignoring the superheroes guarding them.


“I told you so,” he murmured into Kon’s expensively clad shoulder.


Kon shuddered a laugh as he held on just as tightly. “I guess you’re gonna make me pay and pay, aren’t ya?”


“It’s what older brothers do,” Jason promised gruffly before he stepped back. He wiped a tear off of Kon’s cheek with his thumb, snickering when his brother batted his hand away.


“Superboy, are you ready to go?” Robin asked politely.


“Hey Rob,” Kon said cheerily. “I want you to meet Jason. Jase, this is Robin.”


Jason smiled politely but didn’t extend his hand. “Robin,” he said, then turned to Kon. “I’ve got to go. My mom is freaking because I skipped school for this.”


Kon’s smile had dimmed but he nodded. “I’ll see you later.”


Clark came up and placed his hand on Kon’s shoulder. “We’ll talk, okay?”


And Kon almost swallowed his tongue when Jason grinned and mouthed from behind, ‘Daddy and me time’.  “Um, sure. Anytime,” he lied.




Jason waited politely until the dark haired woman nodded and he walked into the large office with the huge windows that faced the coolest view of Metropolis.


“Jason,” Lex said as he stood. “Have a seat. How did it go?”


Now, Jason was reasonably sure that Lex Luthor knew everything that had happened in the courtroom, but he answered anyway as he sat down. “Kon’s lawyer was great. He made sure that everyone knew that his only priority was the injured woman, not the monster whose DNA had been linked to at least fifteen other rapes and that the police hadn’t caught yet.” Remembering the trial made him lean forward tiredly to rest his elbows on his knees. “Can I ask you a question?”


Surprised, Lex waved a hand. “Of course.”


Jason looked up. “When did the police decide that the superheroes were the enemy?”


Lex made a face and got up to grab a bottle of water, silently offering one to Jason who shook his head ‘no’. “I don’t believe that they do.” At Jason’s look of disbelief he shrugged. “Not all of them,” he temporized, “but there will always be a few bad apples, a few crooked or incompetent policemen who do not like their mistakes to be found out. And the good ones resent being made to look like fools. That’s one of Superman’s strengths, he works with the police instead of against them like another caped crusader I could mention.”


“And Kon wants me to become a superhero,” Jason said sarcastically.


“Not a lot of benefits, you’d be better off becoming an engineer,” Lex retorted mildly. “You have the grades.”


Of course Luthor would know everything about him. Jason laughed. “At least that’s better than a reporter.” He caught Lex’s smile as he stood up. “Thanks for helping Kon.”


Lex stood up and held out his hand and Jason shook it without hesitation. “I would do anything for him. Just like your parents would do anything for you.”


Just as Jason walked out the door, he stopped and looked back with a grin that was exactly like Conner’s. “Hey, Kon and I think that you should ask Clark out.” And he was gone.


“Son of a bitch,” Lex said after he’d stopped choking.




Kon had finally gotten away from his well-wishers and was breathing in the humid salty air on top of Titans tower. It was dark but it made the lights of the city beyond twinkle brightly. He was about to take off and go see Jason when he heard a footstep behind him.




“Hey Rob.”


The speculative silence extended between the two teens, until Kon finally sighed. “Is there something you want?”


“Why didn’t you come to me?”


The anguish in the question made Kon blink. “For what?”


Robin bit back a curse. “When the rapist died. You didn’t have to fly off to some stranger,  I would’ve helped you.”


Kon shook his head. “I don’t remember thinking about it all that much,” he said musingly. “But I do know that I didn’t want you or the Titans involved.”


“Do you love him?” Robin asked abruptly.


“Well, I guess so…” Kon answered haltingly, wondering where Robin was going with this, “I mean, he’s my brother and…”


“Wait, what? He’s your ~brother~?”


Kon had always said that Clark was slow on the uptake when it came to people liking him, and he’d always vowed he wouldn’t be as stupid. He moved quickly to stand in front of Robin, smiling widely. “You freak. You were jealous of Jason!”


“I…” Robin started to deny but grumbled instead. “Fine. Yes, I was jealous, but if ~someone~ had kept me in the loop instead of letting me …” he trailed off because Kon had pressed his lips against his and was kissing him.


Kon smiled shyly as he stepped back. “I’ve got to see Jase, but I’ll be back in a while.”


Robin nodded dumbly. “I’ll be here.”




Both teens were on the dock, talking about the trial and whether Lex recovered from what Jason had said, when there was a faint whoosh and Clark in civilian clothes was hovering in front of them.


“Um,” he said uncertainly. “Can I join or is this a private party?”


Jason snickered as Kon mouthed ‘Daddy and me’. “Sure, mi dock es su dock.”


“Ooh, good use of Spanglish there, big bro,” Kon teased, ducking Jasons’ hand.  Clark smiled and settled down beside Kon, shaking his head at their antics.


“So,” he began a little lamely, and smiled as his sons exchanged exaggerated eyerolls. “Okay, I suck, I know. Give me a break.”


“I know,” Jason said brightly. “What weird power am I going get next, because I really would like to be prepared this time.”


Kon groaned with commiseration. “Seriously, dude. I mean, are we gonna get the cool laser eye thing or is something mutant gonna happen to our schlongs?”


Jason laughed and shoved Kon off of the dock but overbalanced and fell with a curse into the water on top of him. There was cursing, complaining and horseplay along with violent splashing and eventually even a couple of dolphins came over to see what the fuss was about while Clark chuckled. After a couple of minutes he fished them out and dried them off with his breath once they’d calmed down.


“I don’t know,” he began honestly, in answer to the question they’d asked earlier. “You boys are different. I don’t have telekinesis and I didn’t fly until I was 17, so I can’t tell you what you’ll get next. But when I was about your age I got x-ray vision.”


Jason and Kon glanced at each other and said, “Cooool!”


“Just think of the locker rooms,” Kon said with a dreamy sigh.


“Don’t they have everything lead lined at the tower?” Clark asked mildly.




“Hey,” Jason said suddenly. “That means we could spy on dates with you and Lex! Maybe Kon can learn something,” he added with a malicious grin and was back sputtering in the water, a triumphant Kon hovering over him.


Clark was gaping at them in shock.




In his office Lex threw his head back and laughed. Installing the camera on the dock had been a bit of genius, he wouldn’t have missed this for the world.









September 13th, 2008

Title-5 Things that Colonel John Sheppard Hates...
category- cliche fic, mcshep
summary-um...five things that Sheppard hates?
author- Belladonna



follow meCollapse )

September 1st, 2008

Fri 4pm-we arrived and checked in. Son dressed in Stargate outfit which included ACU camo uniform, vest and thigh holster, carrying a pretend rifle. He looked excellent.

We wandered around to get our bearings-the convention is held in 4 hotels-Hyatt, the Marriott in the middle, and the Hilton, then a couple of blocks away the Sharton had the Trekkies and Brit sci-fi. (which made me sad. I wanted to see the Brit track but it conflicted timewise and walking time wise).

Dragged son to Stargate Panel where we watched Window of Opportunity and did a Rocky Horro picture style homage. He laughed at us but watched amiably. (I have taught him well)

Daughter arrived at about 10, in time to get her badge and not much else but wander around and take pictures. (250 or so...lol) Amazing costumes-just amazing. Ironman and Batman were well represented, and there were ALOT of Stargate people. Firefly was remembered fondly with Jane hats galore.

Saturday-we got up early and son and I got dressed in our Stargate uniforms. Yes, me included. I wore the blue bdu's of Stargate fame, and my old combat boots (eeks, too tight, too tight!) and the three of us headed to starbucks and got breakfast then scoped us out a curbside seat on parade route. Son was disappointed that he didn't sign up to be in parade, so next year we'll make sure he does.

Parade was AWESOME! Adam West of my childhood Batman fame was gradmarshall, riding in the authentic Batmobile. There were various fandoms represented well, lots of comic characters, Stargate, Battlefield 2142, Starwars, Star Trek, Resident Evil, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and....well, I could go on and on. It was amazing.

We headed back in and we took more pictures before son went to the computer gaming thing and daugther and I waited in line to go to the Tamora Pierce panel. We have all of her books. She's an incredibly funny lady and very personable. While we waited in line though we got alot of pics of people walking by in amazing costumes. One of our line mates was a gal who hand made her Dr. Who characters' Madame Pompadour costume (she's a theatre costume student). It was ~amazing~.

We had lunch and took more pictures, then got in line for more panels. I went to the Stargate Costume contest-tough decision but in the end two guyes as Wraiths, a pouty Nox, a flirty John Sheppard wannabe and a voluptuous Hathor won. It was fun to sit with other Stargate people (and I bought an Atlantis t-shirt.) They held a fundraiser in Don Davis's honor for the American Heart Assoc.

Daughter went out with friends to a sushi restaurant and son and I had a sandwich/pizza and ate in our room. He played more and I went back out to watch the freak show that is Dragon con to take more pictures...lol

Sunday- Today was my 'damnit, I'm going to a mega panel even if the line kills me' day. So while son went to kill off his friends in video games, daugther and I did some shopping at the dealers tables (OMG, the STUFF they have for sale! Anything your little Sci-fi, freak, goth, bdsm heart would desire.) Then we got into line for the Firefly panel! Yay!

2:00 pm-ish Daughter got us into second row (squee!) and we saw Nathan Fillion (Capt. Malcolm Reynolds), Alan Tudyk (the doomed Wash), Morena Bacarin (our esteemed companion, Anara and the bad Orici on Stargate) and Jewel Staite (Kailie sp? of mechanical genius fame, and also Dr. on Atlantis).

They were charismatic and funny and genuinely nice.  I would totally attend a Firefly panel again. As Michael wasn't here I wasn't really interested in the Stargate panels...

We then unwound by having Chinese delivered to room (cheaper than eating in hotel) where daughter did college homework and got ready to drive back to Charleston. She had class on Labor day. (rolls eyes at college, I mean seriously. Class on LABOR DAY?)

She left, and son ate the rest of Chinese before heading back to slay his enemies. I went to the last panel I'd planned on, the Stargate Slash Panel. It was a blast, talking to other people who write, (though I was amused that I had more experience than the gals on the panel, having been writing slash longer than any of them...lol) . Finally at 12:45 pm I called it quits and headed to my bed (after buying son pizza for a latenight snack..lol)

Then we got up and drove home. Ta da!

July 27th, 2008

 Title: 'In Great Deeds, Something Abides..."
Author: Belladonna
Category: angst
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG-13
Date: 7/14/2008
Season/Spoilers: after season 10, or futurefic
Synopsis: They've lost General Hammond.
Notes: Babs had been studying the Civil War and wrote on list, "I found this quote today. Hopefully it will inspire some plot bunnies for someone." So this is for you Babs. The quote is in the ficlet. 

May 24th, 2008

title:  Genius Fathers and Sons
genre: Au, crossover, slash, mild angst
summary: sudden idea that needed to be purged. Ryan from the OC is actually Rodney McKay's son. Crackfic because it's the weirdest crossover I've ever written. Takes place in the California with barely a mention of Atlantis.
Pairings: Ryan and Seth, John and Rodney


"Dawn Atwood? No, I don't know any Dawn Atwood. Should I?" Rodney asked, only half paying attention to Woolsey as he worked on his laptop. Then his head came up. "There was a Dawn somebody in college. She needed to be tutored and offered..." Rodney stopped, cheeks pink. "Suffice it to say, she didn't go away without what she wanted." 

John smirked. "Why, Rodney. You dog." 

Rodney rolled his eyes. "Ha ha. Barter has been a well respected tradition over the centuries." 

This made Ronon snort knowingly and Teyla just shook her head.

Woolsey sighed. "Dr. McKay. Dawn Atwood had a son. His name is Ryan, he's 22 and he needs a bone marrow transplant and it's been ascertained that as his father, you are the best match." 

Rodney's mouth opened, closed, opened. "Huh?"

"Congratulations, you're a daddy," John said semi-facetiously. He could see Rodney's shock, and hoped that the scientist wouldn't faint. 

Leaning forward, Teyla rested a hand on top of Rodney's. "This is good news. I would like to meet a son of yours, Rodney." 

Ronon grunted. "I wonder if he's as smart as McKay?"

"Of course he is," Rodney sputtered. "I mean, well, he has ~my~ genes after all. Dawn wasn't that smart, but they say a man's first born is the most like him. Right?"

"When do we go?" John asked Woolsey.

Woolsey looked at the team, and realized he was paying for the four of them to fly out to California because it was obvious they were not going to let Dr. McKay go alone.  "Tomorrow morning at 0800. General Landry is making arrangements for a flight to California." 

"Tell him I'll fly us if he gets us a plane," John replied, pushing himself up. "C'mon, everyone. We need to pack." 

Rodney stared up at John. "What if he's a moron? Can I handle that?"

"Relax, McKay. He's not gonna be a moron." John patted Rodney's shoulder. "Let's go, buddy." 


Seth sat by Ryan's bed, chewing his thumbnail as his best friend and lover lay in a drugged sleep. Ryan was dying of lymphocytic leukemia, and there was nothing he could do and nowhere else to turn. He'd finally broke down and against Ryan's wishes, called  Dawn, the drunken bitch. She'd actually done the right thing and had her bone marrow tested, then badgered Ryan's father to be tested, where it had been discovered that the man wasn't Ryan's father at all. Such a fucking mess, but Seth and his parent's protected Ryan from all of it. From the knowledge that they'd exhausted their last hope because Dawn wasn't sure ~who~ Ryan's father was.

A nurse came bustling in, checking Ryan over when someone in a military uniform stepped into the room. "Is this Ryan Atwood's room?"

Seth frowned and stood up. "Yeah, and who are you?" 

"I'm going to have to ask everyone to leave," the man stated. 

"Fuck you," Seth said, and heard his mother in the hallway. "Seth!" 

"Mom," he said as she and his father came into the room. "Ryan's my partner. I'm not going anywhere." 

Sandy Cohen turned to face the man in uniform. "Who are you and what ~do~ you want with Ryan?" he demanded, never having been a fan of the military mindset or their policies. The nurse apparently decided she didn't want to get in the middle and obediently left the room.

The man paused, "Just a moment, Mr. Cohen," he said beofre he pulled out a cell phone and stepped into the hallway. At the same moment they could hear an irritated voice coming down the hallway. 

"Oh for the love of all that's holy. I can't introduce myself to my son and his family without the Pentagon poking their noses into my business?" 

"Rodney," another voice said soothingly and Ryan stirred on the bed, his eyes fluttering open. Kristen put a cup of water with a straw up to his lips so he could swallow a bit to moisten his mouth.

"Seth?" he whispered. 

"Yeah, I'm here, Ry," Seth said back, sinking into the seat beside the bed and gripping Ryan's hand tightly.

A knock at the doorway made them all glance up to see a man with bright blue eyes and thinning sandy brown hair standing uncertainly in the doorway. "Hi. Um, can we come in?"

Seth slowly stood. "Okay, who are you?"

"Dr. Rodney McKay. Not a physician, I'm a doctor of Physics and I work for the United States government even though I'm Canadian." 

"Mom mentioned you," Ryan said softly. "She knew you in college." 

The man threw a glance over his shoulder at someone in the hallway before turning back to look at Ryan. "Yeah, well. I tutored her in math and she, well..." he shrugged, embarassed. Kirsten coughed, her cheeks pink and she and Sandy exchanged a grin. They done the whole college thing and knew what the man didn't say.

"Wait," Seth said suddenly. "You're Ryan's biological father!" 

"What?" Ryan asked, confusion obvious on his face. "Frank's my dad." 

Seth sighed, letting go of Ryan's hand for a moment and pressing the heels of his hands to his eyes.  He sucked in a breath before sinking into the chair and taking Ryan's hand again, looking him in the eye.  "I was desperate and called your mom. And yeah, I know you said no but I ~love~ you and was willing to face your extreme displeasure as long as you didn't withhold sex. So your mom got tested and so did Frank, and it came out that Frank isn't your father." 

"But I am," Rodney McKay said. "and I'm a perfect match." 

Sandy glanced at his wife. "Hi, I'm Sandy Cohen and this is my wife, Kirsten." 

Rodney nodded. "You're Ryan's parents in everything but blood. I know who you are and I appreciate everything that you've done for him. I mean, I'd have done it if I was here, and had maybe known that he ~was~ my son for more than two days." 

Ryan snickered from his bed and Seth titled his head. "What are you laughing about?"

"He sounds like you," Ryan said with a loving smile. 

"Hey," Seth and Rodney said in unison, which made Ryan laugh so hard he started to cough and set off alarms. 


John gently brushed Rodney's hair back off of his forehead when he heard a noise. He glanced up to see Seth Cohen standing in the doorway. Rodney had just been returned to his room after his bone marrow donation and was still sleeping off the anesthetic and was dead to the world. "Hey." 

"Hey," Seth said, hands in his pockets. John could see where the grief for his partner had effected him, in his weight loss, the bony ridges of his shoulders noticeable as well as the dark shadows beneath his eyes. "How is Dr. McKay?"

John gave Rodney a fond smile. "They said he'd be up and terrorizing everybody in a couple of hours." 

"So," Seth began, stepping into the room after a glance down the hall. "Sure alot of military types around."

"Well, Rodney is one of the most valuable members of my team and our government takes his security very seriously." 

Seth's eyes sharpened. "Is Ryan in any danger?" 

"No," John said firmly, shaking his head. "But then, we take care of our own. Besides, Ryan is an architect." 

"Mechanical engineer and architect," Seth corrected softly. "A genius, except he deliberately fucked the test. We got a copy and played with it and he tested off of the charts." 

"Jesus," John said, rubbing a hand through his hair. "Don't let anybody know. Understand?" His mind raced with all sorts of unpleasant possibilities.

"Having read comic books my entire life, especially X-men, I understand all too well." Seth's face was drawn and serious.  


Three Months Later~

Rodney watched as his son, his lover, John, Ronon, Teyla and Sandy frolicked in the huge pool, the California sunshine and salt air actually refreshing, though he had his requisite layer of sunscreen on and was seated underneath an umbrella.

"Iced tea, no lemon." 

Rodney looked up with a crooked smile. "Thank you, Kirsten." He took a deep drink and sighed as his parched throat enjoyed the icy freshness.

Kirsten smiled back and sat down beside Ryan's father. She'd come to admire the often cranky but always entertaining man (she adored his sarcasm). He was proving himself to be a good father, and that went a long way in both her and Sandy's book. "He's looking so much better." 

"Yeah," Rodney said softly. He couldn't believe that the brilliant young architect with more creative talent in his little finger than Rodney had in his whole body was his ~son~. The bone marrow donation, along with some judicious SGC help had restored Ryan to his healthy and hearty self, and the change in him and Seth in the three months since they'd seen them was astonishing. "He's amazing. ~They're~ amazing." 

Kirsten laughed softly, putting her sunglasses on. "Yes, they are. By the way, Sandy loved having John, Ronon and Teyla come out surfing with him this morning." 

Rodney snorted. "Believe me, it was their pleasure." And his, because John had crawled into bed with him, still wet from the ocean and had given him the blowjob from heaven.

A beachball bounced out of the water and landed wetly in Rodney's lap, making him yelp in surprise. "H-ey!"

"Come and play, Rod-ney!" John wheedled from where he was propped up on the side of the pool. A moment later Ryan joined him, his hair slicked back like a wet seal, and then Seth, both young men tanned and happy. 

"C'mon, McKay before I come out and get you," Ronon threatened and Rodney threw up his hands. 

"Fine! But if I get sunburned I'm blaming you."

"Don't worry, Dad. We've got aloe vera," Ryan said happily, and everyone went quiet. It was the first time Ryan had said the word Dad, and it was obvious that he'd planned it because his eyes were steady even if his cheeks were pink. 

Rodney smiled back. "Good, good," he said, and threw the ball straight into John's face, making him squawk and fall flailing back into the water. "Ready, Ry?" 

Ryan and Seth exchange evil smiles. "Ready!" 

Rodney cannonballed into the pool and they immediately ganged up on a hysterically laughing John. 

the end...

April 17th, 2008

This  is a wip amnesty fic

Title: Rodney as Vera Wang
Summary: Rodney is a designer and other Stargate and Atlantis people have cameos...also, this is a fic I'll probably never finish. 
rating: totally pg
notes: 1996 words...

April 3rd, 2008

 It's the art that goes with my fic. Between the Earth and the Sea. It's my Clark in Atlantis story-sort of Smallville, Atlantis, Sg-1 and DC comics, and of course, slash...lol

Thanks to Luna_61 for the graphics and to Glitterandlube for being an incomprable beta. 




February 11th, 2008

title: Here Lies Tommy Brockless
rating:PG or teen
summary: Missing scene for episode 'To the Last Man..'
pairing: Jack/Ianto hinted at
genre: angst, missing scene
author's note-My g-grandfather, a man I wish I could've met, was a Tommy who served in the British Army during World War I. He sufferend from poison gas, starvation, but once a German soldier found him injured and carried him out of the battle zone. Maybe all hope for the human species is not lost.


January 31st, 2008

Title: Blast from the Future
author: Belladonna
summary: Jack's past, or rather his future catches up with him. Possible spoiler for first episode of the new season
note-I took the last 3 minutes of the season premiere, and wrote my take on it. Where Captain Hart said, just as he was phasing out, "By the way, I've found Gray."  And Jack's memories flit across the screen. 
disclaimer: I don't own them, but if you want to borrow my ideas for the show then you are more than welcome to! lol
crossposted to JackxIanto and Torchwoodslash


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